Cool (yet warm) poop!

By: gregmccann

Jan 16 2012

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Focal Length:6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

clouded leopard poop

This probably dropped out of the butt of an endangered clouded leopard in Virachey NP, Cambodia. My guide placed the cigarette box next to the poop for measurement. He then used a stick to cut it in half to illustrate how soft, warm, and new it was, which meant that they  (we found yet another set of droppings about 50 meters ahead, which implied that there were probably 2 traveling together) . After coming upon this pile of poo, I really felt that we were in an enchanted forest. Leopards among us, I said to myself. Maybe they were even in the canopy up above looking down at us. It makes a big difference when you know that there are large predators in the forest with you. The clouded leopard -now extinct in Taiwan, unfortunately- is one of my favorite animals.


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