Called Away by a Mountain Spirit: now available!

By: gregmccann

Mar 17 2012

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Focal Length:6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

At long last…the book is in print and can be ordered HERE on or directly from the publisher here -the price is the same for both (Please note that this tile has recently been re-released as Called Away by a Mountain Spirit: Journey to the Green Corridor -with no ‘s’ on ‘Journey’. Below are some photos in black and white that appear in the book:

this poor guy was soon to meet his end. The capturing of this bird is an example of what I refer to as unnecessary opportunistic hunting

Haling-Haling (above) remains a mystery

Veal Thom Grasslands with Haling-Halang in the distance. The wide valley that leads up to it at a right angle is the Gan-Yu River Valley.


4 comments on “Called Away by a Mountain Spirit: now available!”

  1. Hi, I’m reading your book now. Do you have GPS tracks for any of the routes you took on the 3 journeys? How about lat/lon coordinates for any of the major landmarks, especially Haling-Haling mountain? Thanks.

    • Hi Rich. Actually, we did mark GPS coordinates, but I don’t have them -my last guide does. He is a little bit hard to get a hold of and does not use email. I think I can find Haling-Halang on Google Earth and then maybe I can email you the coordinates I get from that. In the worst case scenario, I’d have to wait until I go back to Cambodia again in January to get the GPS readings from Mr. Kuen. We will be trekking to the Yak Yeuk Grasslands in January. I will take a crack at Google Earth when I get home from work tonight.


  2. Great! There’s no entry for Haling-Haling in Geonames and the imagery is pretty bad in the area, so lat/lon for any of the features you mention in the book would be great since I like to “map track.”

    Hmm, I can’t find the link to the photo you took of the park map (back of contents page in the book) and I don’t see it on your blog now, either. I know I saw it yesterday. If you could point me to it, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

  3. Oops, found it, of course, just after whining that I couldn’t.

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